Yes2Dancing: ‘Dancing with Ian & Penny’

Professional Dance Teachers and Dance Event Hosts.

Yes2Dancing, also known as ‘Dancing with Ian & Penny’ is a different concept to your standard dance studio. For one Ian & Penny chose not to open a fixed location dance studio when they retired from International Competition, instead concentrating on building their reputation as Dance Instructors and Hosts on-board cruise ships, where they are very much at home. Over the past few years Ian & Penny have built up the frequency they are working on-board, and are regularly contracted to be the Resident Dance Instructor on-board.

Over the past few years Ian & Penny have created their own successful teaching style in all the standard Ballroom and Latin dances, plus other popular styles such as Salsa, Argentine Tango, Merengue and Sequence Dancing. Ian & Penny always receive great feedback for their group lessons and hosted evenings, and are well known for having a very friendly, approachable, fun, and inclusive style, which puts people instantly at ease. Ian & Penny have an extensive range of fantastic hand picked music, which is always being added too, and which receives great compliments from those dancing, and those in the room just relaxing and listening.If you love your social dancing and have a big birthday or anniversary to plan, why not turn it into a dance themed party? Ian & Penny would love to host your event and providing some fantastic Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence Dance music for all your dancing friends and family to enjoy. Whatever your excuse for a party night, ‘Dancing with Ian & Penny’ can be there to help make your evening special, memorable, and fun, for dancers and non-dancers alike. 

 If you have a business, why not ask about Yes2Dancing’s team building sessions – ‘Team Building Through Dance’. Ian & Penny will host sessions that are a perfect way of building trust and team sprit in a fun environment. Each session will be tailored to suit your business, and the make up of the team attending. The thought of learning to dance can be a daunting, and sometimes frightening prospect for some, a lot like many business situations that your team will face. By joining Ian & Penny on one of their ‘Team Building Through Dance’ sessions, your team will learn to overcome some of these preconceptions in a fun and invigorating way, and learn that working together can make things happen they never thought possible.

 Whatever Ian & Penny are involved in, they always have a great work ethic and passion for everything they do. They are extremely professional, but are down to earth and put everyone at ease straight away. Ian & Penny strive to always exceed expectations.

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